Styling For Stitchers


I have long been a fan of Alex Monroe‘s beautiful jewellery designs. Ever since I bought an AM heart locket for my wedding (to carry a photo of my late father), eight years ago, I have loved discovering each new design. Over the years I have collected a few pieces, and one day I will visit his London boutique.

The new Alex Monroe collection is called The Haberdashery, featuring tiny pairs of scissors, a pin cushion ring and delicate string bows. Being a textile designer who specialised in ‘stitch’ (experimental hand and machine embroidery techniques), these pieces are right up my street! I’m hoping one might find its way into my stocking this Christmas……

*Please note, no posts on this blog are sponsored, I just write about the things I love.

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bracelet am pin ring am ring am scissor am thn2-mix thn5-mix1 bg_haberdashery_main_banner2


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