A blog update is long overdue!

Life as a full time mum of 2 is definitely interfering with production of my work. However, my youngest daughter Isla begins nursery in September, which means a whole 2 1/2 hours during daylight to create! Isla is more than ready to learn, and interact even more with her peers. I’m very excited about this, and craving a little time to push my work, and experiment. I can no longer stay up until 4am stitching and sketching like I did 10 years ago, I have finally accepted this. Mostly.


My large scale 21st Century Ruff made it to the last stage of judging for the RA Summer Exhibition, but wasn’t hung in the end. I will enter a new piece next year and see what happens!

At the moment I am working on a new body of work which I will write a separate post about. It is very personal, and combines intricate technique of Eternal Lace with themes important to me.

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